Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Daily Crunch: Crunchy Mamas Do It With Coconut Oil

Crunchy Mamas Do It With Coconut Oil!

Leave me a comment: What are your favorite healthy uses for coconut oil?
Let's see how many different uses we can come up with!


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    1. I usually oil pull with organic sunflower oil, but use coconut oil sometimes too, Jess. Coconut oil has antiviral properties, so it can be very beneficial for oil pulling. I am prone to cold sores when I am stressed out or sick. I feel like oil pulling with coconut oil at those times has been keeping the cold sores at bay for me! I have yet to have a single one since I started oil pulling!

  2. Used it to get a splinter out of my son's toe. Put a small amount on and covered with a bandage. Oil soaked in and the wood popped right out the next morning!

    1. That is awesome, Erienne! I had no idea coconut oil would do that!