Wednesday, April 3, 2013

35 Uses for Coconut Oil

Crunchy Mamas Do It With Coconut Oil!

35 Uses for Coconut Oil

  1. Body Lotion
  2. Oil Pulling -- This is a great way to detox!
  3. Splinter Removal -- Put on a small amount of CCO and cover with a bandage. The oil soaks in and the wood pops out overnight.
  4. Shaving Cream -- Leaves skin feeling so smooth and soft.
  5. Deep Conditioner for Hair and Scalp -- Rub into hair and scalp, leave it for as long as you can, then wash it away.  You may have to rinse and repeat to clean away all the excess oil. 
  6. Cuticle Oil
  7. Diaper Rash Ointment. It's cloth diaper safe!
  8. Rub on Newborn's Bottoms to Keep Meconium from Sticking to Baby's Skin
  9. Massage Oil
  10. Ditch the K-Y and use it as Lube!  You're going to come back and thank me for this one :-)
  11. Feed it to Cats to Alleviate Hair Balls
  12. Feed it to Dogs for a Healthier, Shinier Coat
  13. Face Wash and Moisturizer in One
  14. Lip Balm
  15. Topically CCO Helps Heal Canker or Cold Sores
  16. Hemorrhoid Cream
  17. Use on Underarms as a Natural Deodorant
  18. On Baby Bump or Stretch Marks
  19. Make Miracle Soup when your not feeling well --saute a small sliced onion with at least 6 cloves of garlic in 1-2 TBSP of coconut oil, stirring occasionally, until soft and as brown as you like. Add 4 Cups Veggie Stock and 4-6 peeled, cubed potatoes. Simmer until potatoes are cooked through, then mash with a potato masher until smooth-ish. Salt and pepper to taste.
  20. Spread on Toast instead of Butter
  21. Replace Unhealthy Oils like Vegetable, Soy, Corn or Canola Oil in Recipes
  22. Use it to Make Homemade Body Scrub -- Here's my recipe: Organic Grapefruit Body Scrub
  23. For Dry or Cracked Heals -- Rub it in at night, put on wool or cotton socks, go to sleep, wake up softer.
  24. Hair Gel -- This works well for short wet-look styles.
  25. Hot Tea or Coffee Creamer
  26. Make-up Remover
  27. Natural Sunscreen - SPF 4
  28. Use on Perineum for Healing after Childbirth
  29. Athlete's Foot Ointment
  30. Use with Apple Cider Vinegar to Kill Head Lice
  31. Whiting Toothpaste -- Just Mix with Baking Soda
  32. Natural Laxative and Stool Softener
  33. Whip 1 Part Cocoa Butter: 4 parts CCO for a Soothing Body Butter
  34. Use it to Make Natural Vapor Rub
  35. Cure Thrush -- Apply to Breastfeeding Mom's Nipples and in Baby's Mouth

Leave me a comment: What are your favorite healthy uses for coconut oil?
Let's see how many different uses we can come up with!

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