Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Human Rights are for ALL Humans

. . . and a few other thoughts about circumcision. I know last night I said I was done posting for GENITAL INTEGRITY AWARENESS WEEK.  The week may technically be over, but it turns out I still have more to share. As you can probably tell, this is an issue about which I am quite passionate. I think many people really haven't taken the time to research or even consider the pain and violation circumcision inflicts on babies and the life-long damage circumcision causes. Human Rights are for ALL Humans, male and female, young and old.  Our bodies are our own and no one else's.
Image Source: Anita Cleaver via The Whole Network
Image created by Kimberley Smith. Also available in a handy printable format: http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o311/MissSpiderSmith/obviousprintable_zps585c2f27.jpg
Strapping down a NEWBORN to RIP APART fused tissues so they can be CRUSHED & SLICED away from his HIS GENITALS WITHOUT medical cause while he is AWAKE & can FEEL IT is WRONG!!! Even if that poor, sweet baby was sedated or numbed so he couldn't feel it while it was being done (which is not how it's done), it is still wrong, wrong, wrong!!!  
Image Source: The Whole Network
Another Circumcision Somee-like-card . . . "I loved comparing penises with you as a child, father. Thank goodness we match. Said no man ever." 

I'm going to go back and add this one to my post from the other day. Since I already knew long before we met, no child of mine would ever be mutilated, violated and tortured via routine infant circumcision, my ex-husband and I discussed circumcision before we were even married and many years before we had children. This very thing was one of his first objections to leaving our future sons intact. He wanted his sons to look like him. Fortunately, with a little discussion, science and logic, I brought him around to my way of thinking pretty quickly.    

A quick, but staggering visual to help convince the future father of your children or anyone else who thinks circumcision is a quick snip, just cosmetic, minor, painless, removes just a little extra skin, etc. You don't even have to have the card.  Just about anyone can picture the size of an index card in their mind. 
image source: www.norm.org/lost.html
An index card is 15 square inches.  Would you like to be missing that much tissue (not to mention up to  20,000 sensory nerve endings) from your genitals? That's how much the average adult man is missing thanks to circumcision.  Bring your son home whole.  Find out what else is lost: www.norm.org/lost.html.

Changing the way you've always thought about things can be so difficult.  If you or someone you know has hit an obstacle along The Road to Crunchville, I want to leave you with one last thought for tonight:
"Just because something is ingrained in you doesn't make it true. Remember, we once believed the world was flat.  ~Louise L. Hay
Image Source: http://www.Facebook.com/TraceyRoseLIVE
"Just because something is ingrained in you doesn't make it true. 
Remember, we once believed the world was flat."  ~Louise L. Hay

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