Sunday, March 31, 2013

Circumcision is Not a Parenting Choice

"We Are Moms. We've made choices and maybe a few mistake. 
But we love and respect our children, every part of them. 
Our children have the right to bodily integrity.  
Circumcision is NOT a parenting choice."

Your child's body belongs solely to him or her. You do not own your child. Children are their own individual beings who deserve the same rights that should be afforded to all human beings. No rights of yours, parenting, religious or otherwise, should  ever supersede your child's rights to keep his or her body completely intact.  If your child, chooses to be circumcised as an adult that is his or her right, but as a parent you should never make that choice for your offspring.

March 26th -April 1st, 2013 is Genital Integrity Awareness Week.
Please consider sharing the information above with those who may not know.

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